How To: Washing My Hair

I always get the question asked, how does your hair look so shiny and healthy? Well, I think it attributes to 2 things:

  1. My bomb digity hair dresser that has been doing my hair since college and saving it one split end at a time. Seriously, she is amazing and I LOVE her. Want to know how much? I live in Atlanta and go to Jacksonville sometimes just to get my hair done (and see my family, of course). But really though, there have been weekends where I know I need it done (like right now my roots could use some touch up) and I will go down for a quick trip so that she can do my hair! She helps me keep it looking so shiny and healthy 365 days of the year!
  2. How I wash my hair plays a huge part! First of all, I don’t wash it every day because a) too much conditioner in my hair is NOT a good thing and b) I have soooo much hair that it would be a hassle to wash it every day! So what do I do between wash days? I use dry shampoo! Check out this post for all of my favorite shampoos, conditioners and dry shampoos! And check out this post to see how I get away with after-gym hair! I only wash my hair 2 times a week (and if I can go less, I do).
    • When shampooing my hair, I focus on the roots. This is where most of the oils and dirt build up over the course of a couple of days and any product you put in stays at the roots. This helps make sure you hair is clean (and looks clean) while not drying out your ends where the most damage from heat is (bye bye split ends).
    • When conditioning my hair, I focus on the ends! You probably could have guessed that from where I was heading with this post, but it is true, I focus more on the ends of my hair than the roots (but of course I work it throughout to get rid of all the tangles). This helps those dry and damaged ends to give you a healthy looking shine from root (the newest, healthiest part of your hair) to ends (the oldest, most damaged part).
    • When I use dry shampoo, I make sure to use a small amount. This is to ensure I don’t over use the dry shampoo, as I want to make sure it looks nice and clean, not dry and damaged!

I hope this posts helps you! I also notice that my hair color can impact how healthy it looks. When I have my blonde ombre for summer, my hair looks more dry and damaged due to the damage from changing the color and all the sun my hair is getting. When my hair is dark, it tends to look a lot more shiny and healthy. If this is something you notice, talk to your hair dresser about ways to help improve the healthiness of your hair. I love to use Moroccan oil when my hair is still wet. This helps hydrate my hair and helps with the frizzy pieces and fly aways!  Remember, something that helps one person, doesn’t always help everyone, these are just things I have noticed over the years!

Let me know what you think by commenting on this post or #gapeachhairaffair on Instagram!



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