Miami, Florida

While I was freezing in cold in NYC and Atlanta during the first 2 weeks of March, I made a spontaneous decision to go down to Miami to see my best friend for her birthday! Literally, it had been so cold and I could not stand it so I booked a last minute flight (using Delta Skymiles of course) and headed on down to the Sunshine State!

So this was a huge surprise for my best friend and I totally threw her off! I booked my flight on a Thursday for Saturday. I messaged her for her address (which ended up being her work address – so I had to get her actual address from her mom!!!) and was totally prepared to surprise her Saturday morning. Friday night for St. Patrick’s Day, I grabbed dinner and drinks with some friends, sending her snap chats because I didn’t want her to think I was coming down (her boss and her mom were the only people in Miami who knew I was coming). She thought that there was no way I could make it since I was out drinking.

Saturday morning (and really I mean Friday night, because seriously, how if 4:45 am morning already??) I woke up after only 4 hours of sleep and headed to the airport! My flight was early in the morning and I got to Miami around 9:15am. I took an uber (THANK GOD FOR UBER) from the airport to her apartment. As I am knocking on her apartment (and trying to record a video) I get the feeling that OMG I either am at the wrong place or she is not home…

I get on the phone and call her and see what she is doing.. She goes in the list long story (probably about 5-7 minutes long) of all the errands she needs to run because she has her birthday party that night (DUH – that’s why I was standing outside her apartment). Finally, once she is done, I tell her that is great but she needs to turn around because I am outside her apartment. AND she FREAKS. Literally freaks and starts crying on the phone. Even though the surprise wasn’t in person, it felt great to be able to pull it off!

True to her word, we ran errands all day. We had lunch at a cool little place called Diced (kind of like Chipotle, but I actually liked it better – I know, OMG). It was super good and the perfect amount to keep me full while went ALL over Miami. Finally, we went back to her place to get ready for dinner and go to her favorite bar.

Dinner – Yardhouse: This place was packed, but it was totally worth it! The first thing I really liked about this place was the number of beers they have on tap, each round I had a different beer! For food, we kept it light and ordered a bunch of appetizers – ย crispy Brussel sprouts & ripped potatoes, poke nachos, truffle fries and sweet potato fries. The poke nachos were out of this world good! I absolutely loved them! They were large enough to share, but it could easily be a meal for one person. When I go back, I am getting these all to myself!

Bar – Bougainvillea’s: This bar was SO Kelly! It was laid back and had an outdoor/indoor bar area. It was a super cool place and ย we had so much fun! We danced and hung out and drank the night away, celebrating my best friend! I may have been up for 24 hours by the time I went to sleep that night, haha! It was definitely a great time and another place I cannot wait to go back to!

Even though it was a short trip and I have now spent 3 Sunday’s in a row recovering, ย I wouldn’t change it for the world! It was so nice to be able to surprise my best friend and I know it will be a birthday she remembers forever (well until the big 3-0 next year where she says she wants to go to Vegas)! BTW – check out this post to see how I curled my hair!


Happy birthday Kelly, I love you!



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