French vs Dutch Braid


Hey guys! My mom asked me a while ago why I did a dutch braid vs a French braid in one of my videos… I typically will wear both braids but it depends on the look I am going for will determine which braid I wear.


  1. Going to the gym – this way it is secure and out of my face but not pulling too tight. See my video on this hairstyle here.
  2. I have several different videos where I have incorporated braids into my work hairstyle:
    • Braids with Buns – when I wear this hair style, I am going for a sleek look, so I usually want my hair flat, which is why I use the regular french braid.
    • This up-do – again, this style was meant to be easy and quick and the French braid lays flat, so you have some style, but it’s not too flashy.
    • This hairstyle – I had tried this hairstyle out for the first time when I did the video for it, so I went with the regular French braid, which I felt worked really well for this hairstyle!

I like that the French braid lays flat and looks sleek, which is why I tend to use that braid.


  1. I only have this hairstyle uploaded for the dutch braid. I like this braid when I want to give an edge to the look. Since my hair was curly, I wanted to add a bohemian look with the dutch braid. I don’t use this braid as much as the French braid, but I like both of the equally.

I like both of these braids equally and decided to make a video showing the two different braids. It really is up to your preference, as all the hairstyles I have included links to could be worn using either braid. Check out the video below!

Thanks for watch and reading! If you have any questions – feel free to leave a comment! As always, if you use any of the hairstyles, #gapeachhairaffair on Instagram for me to take a look!



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