Yes, I’m a CPA…

No, I can’t help you with your taxes! I seriously get the “can I ask you a tax question?” once year. Truth is, I don’t know that much about taxes.. I learned what I learned in college and learned more than I ever wanted to pass the CPA {certified public accountant} exam, and then did a brain dump of all that information! To be honest, if you ask me a tax question, I am probably going to google it – because I don’t look at this stuff every day.

So, I guess you’re wondering what I do if I don’t do taxes? Well, I’m an auditor! <– No I’m not THAT excited about it… What is an auditor? In laymen’s terms.. an auditor makes sure company’s are accurately reporting their financials, whether it be to the public {i.e. SEC registered companies} or to a board of directors or trustees, the government or a parent company. My busiest time of the year is January to March, but can extend to the end of May. I am also busy 3 times a year around the quarter end (i.e. end of April/beginning of May, end of July/beginning of August and end of October/beginning of November). Tax accountants are consistently busy all year, but they have a few key days that most people are aware of; April 15 and October 15 for personal taxes and March 15 or September 15 for corporate taxes.

In reality, I use HR Block to do my taxes! When I was in high school and college, I actually filled out a tax return form to mail in! See my dad, who IS a tax accountant, made me do my own taxes from the time I got my first job at 16. It is a skill that I am happy to have, but I am even more grateful that I don’t have to do taxes all year round, because that would terrible! I am also thankful that there are online services that can help me with my taxes.

If your not sure about anything related to your tax return, please reach out to a professional {tax} accountant. It is worth it to spend a little bit of extra money to get help in the beginning than to get audited by the IRS {different kind of auditor, but the same concept} and pay huge fines!

I hope this information helped! Don’t forget to file your return by April 17, 2017 (yay, we get two extra days this year)!

Thanks for going dealing with my random rant post!




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