#transformationtuesday Jan 2017


Gosh – how many times have I started my fitness journey over? I feel like every few months I get in a rut and cannot get myself to workout for several weeks and then I gain some weight and think, man if I had only stuck with my fitness routine, I wouldn’t have gained the weight! I am trying to break out of that habit… and here’s how!

In my 2017 Goals & Resolutions post, I talked about how I wanted to workout/go to the gym 3-5 days a week! I am happy to post that I achieved that goal for January by going to the gym at least 4 days a week! Now that I have made it a habit, I am even more motivated to keep it up – remember it takes 21 days to make a habit! In the picture to the left, you will see all the days I worked this month by the days with the green dot next to the date. I did workout yesterday {January 30} but my watch died before I could make it to the gym, so see picture of the treadmill at the end of my 40 minute run {yes, I am a slow runner/jogger, whatever you want to call it}. Today is a rest day, but I will be starting February off right tomorrow!

So, what motivated me to keep going to the gym every week (especially when I am working 60 hours a week)?! Here are some things I found helpful:

  1. A personal trainer! I meet with my personal trainer every Saturday morning (Hi, Jermain) and he kicks my butt! I may joke around with him during our sessions, but he has taught me so much about lifting weights, machines and what works for me. First, he asks how my week has been and since I can’t lie to him, I tell him how it is. If I ate crappy, I tell him. If I didn’t work out as often as I wanted, I tell him. But I also tell him when I did something I was proud of – like hey, I ran an extra 15 minutes because I did eat unhealthy one day or I increased the weights I am lifting. We discuss what works and what doesn’t work, which is super helpful, because I am NO fitness expert! I know we can’t all afford a personal trainer, so instead, find a friend that can help you stay motivated week after week. Plus, there are plenty of fitness blogs that post videos of workouts and weight lifting that targets certain areas.
  2. Make time! People have been asking me how I “find” time to go to the gym? Well, I don’t find it, I MAKE it happen! I know that during the week I will work out 2 days plus Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This means leaving work a little earlier on Monday and Wednesday’s and working later on Tuesday and Thursday’s {note – this is my busy season, so I am working 12-14 hours a day}. Friday’s I go after work, while Saturday’s I hit the gym up in the morning before going to work. Sunday’s I go after I go to the grocery store and do some chores around the house! This is a schedule that works for me and that I keep up with week after week, find times that work for you and stick to that schedule!
  3. Friends!! My friends keep me motivated. Not only personal and work friends, but social media friends too! I love seeing all people post their workouts on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. This helps me stay motivated as well. If you follow me on Instagram {@leahberrydelettera} or Snapchat {@leahaberry} I tend to post videos or pictures of me working out -so check it out if you need some motivation!
  4. Following Fitness accounts! I love following fitness accounts on Instagram, they keep me motivated when I see other people working hard towards their personal goals. A lot of these accounts post tips and tricks and healthy food recipes! They also post real life ups and downs.  Fitness goals are not all unicorns and rainbows {I think I said this wrong, but unicorns, so go with it} – and I love when people get real with you! Also, one of my oldest friends writes a fitness blog – you should check it out! She has great suggestions for working out, recipes for healthy food choices and so much more! In addition, I follow these accounts on Instagram to keep me motivated {I know there are more that I follow, but these are the ones I can think of right now} –

In my Goals & Resolutions I said that I wanted to run 300 miles this year! As of today (January 31, 2017) I have run 34.85 miles! That is 11.6% of my goal and $8.71 donated to charity! I have been using Charity Miles for the last year and I absolutely love it! For every mile you run/walk they donate $0.25 to a charity of your choosing {I usually run for Team Red, White & Blue or the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America} and there are over 40 charities you can choose from! See my run from yesterday below – 3.4 miles! Plus my profile with Charity Miles showing that I have run 34.85 miles in January!

Here is my #tranformationtuesday pic! The picture on the left is from my cousin’s wedding in 2008. I can always see the difference in my face and how my clothes fit. I also keep all my old pictures on Facebook so I can remember how far I have come – I mean seriously, look at this difference!


So there you have it! I will be posting a #transformationtuesday once a month for some accountability on my end! Happy Tuesday – make today count!




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