Tips & Tricks: After Gym Hair

Ever had a great hair day on a gym day? This happens all too often for me since I go to the gym 3-5 days a week and try to make sure my hair is decent for work. Anytime I take the time to straighten my hair (which can be a process in itself), I want to keep that look for 2-3 days. My hair texture could not take washing it every single time I workout, so I don’t! The following are tips & tricks on what I do to make my hair look fresh & clean after a workout.


  1. Dry Shampoo – this product is so important to have at all times. Whether you use it for making your hair look great after a workout, or on those days when you don’t feel like washing your hair but it doesn’t look as fresh as the day before, this product is a life saver. I cannot tell you how many times have needed dry shampoo in the house and didn’t have it on hand, so depressing. This product does not need to be very expensive, in fact, I buy mine from Target!
  2. Blow Dryer – every girl should have one of these tools in her tool collection, but if not, this is also another item that does not need to be expensive. I bought this one from Target, too!
  3. Round hair brush – I like to use a round brush when I am blow drying my hair to give it more volume! I got this brush at Regis Salons!
  4. Straightener – this Paul Mitchell straightener is by my favorite EVER, and I have used pretty much every brand hair straightener possible since I started straightening my hair with an iron (no lie) in high school.  This is one tool where I will say, it is better to spend a little more money to get a better quality product than to spend less money and fry your hair. I have had this straightener for two years now and love it just as much as the day I got it! I purchased it at Regis Salons!
  5. Wet brush – this is another product I love! Whether my hair is wet or dry, this brush gets all the tangles out on the first try. It can be purchased at Target.
  6. Thermal protection (not pictured) – let’s talk heat protection! Anytime you are using heat directly on your hair, please please please use some form of heat protector. I love this Matrix Iron Smoother purchased at Regis Salons!



  1. Spray roots of hair with dry shampoo. Everyone’s hair is different, so I would start with a small amount of dry shampoo. If this does not seem like enough after blow drying your roots, you can always spray some more. You just don’t want to over do it and have your hair be too dry!
  2. Next, blow dry your hair. I used my round brush to brush out the roots and blow dry. This will create more volume in my hair. In addition, I usually separate my hair into multiple sections to ensure I get all of my roots. I have A LOT of hair, so this is necessary for me, but you may not need to do this!

After I completed steps 1 & 2, it was time for bed! So I just threw my hair up in a pony tail and went to sleep. The next morning, I straightened my hair using my products 4-6 discussed above. The below picture is before I went to work! I ended up going another day without washing my hair and it still looked clean & fresh!


I hope you find this Tips & Tricks post helpful! I will be posting hair tutorials, videos or tips & tricks once a week, so be sure to subscribe to my posts and follow me on Instagram (links on right-hand sidebar). In addition, if you try out any of my tutorials or tips & tricks, hashtag #gapeachhairaffair on Instagram to let me know what you think!




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