2017 Goals & Resolutions


I know, I know! This is supposed to be a hair blog – but I thought  I would start the year off right by writing down some goals and resolutions to keep myself in check. This year {2017} is all about being the best me that I can be! Here are my top 5 goals and resolutions to make 2017 the year of SO MUCH GOOD!

  1. Post at least one (1) HAIR tutorial, video or tips & tricks post a week – My blog is one thing that I am starting in 2017. I have always loved doing my own hair {with the exception of coloring & cutting – I will leave that to my amazing hair dresser, April} and thought this would be a great way to teach others. I mean, why covet a skill when it could be useful to another woman?! My goal is to have one {HAIR} post a week, while my other posts may be centered around beauty or miscellaneous things in my life (i.e. THIS POST).
  2. Fitness {work out 3-5 days a week} – I love fitness (yeah, fitness whole pizza in my mouth)… All jokes aside, I started running in college after I gained the freshman 15 (and then some) and found that it was a great outlet for my stress and anxiety. I used to run several races a year (including 1 or 2 half marathons, sometimes even 3!), but recently I have been neglecting my favorite past time. I have a goal to run a half marathon in 2017 and I plan on running the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in Disney in November! I will post updates on Instagram/Instagram story (link on right-hand sidebar) & Snapchat (username: leahaberry) if you want to follow my fitness updates. In addition, I want to get stronger in 2017, so I will be getting to the gym 3-5 days a week for weight lifting.
  3. Donate money or time – I have been volunteering my time since high school, when I used to coach Pop Warner cheerleading. I loved being involved in my community and giving back to the association that gave me so much growing up {MAA…all the way}. Over the years, I have found new ways to give back, whether it be to charities throughout the year or donating money to my Alma Mater {University of North Florida… SWOOP}. About a year ago, I joined Hogwarts Running Club [HP nerd] and started using Charity Miles to log my runs. Charity Miles is a FREE app you can download on your phone (available for iPhone and Android) and use to log how many miles you run. Get this – they will donate $0.25 for every mile to a charity of your choice! Now, all I have to do is give an hour of my day a couple of days a week and I am giving back! This also helps with #2, so it’s a win-win. Last year I racked up 155 miles and this year, I want to double that number! So far, I have run 15 miles in January – that’s 5% of the way there!
  4. Healthy eating – I will be the first to admit, I am terrible when it comes to my diet. I love pizza, ice cream, wine and anything else they tell you not to eat.While I am working on becoming the best me possible, I can only achieve that by giving my body the fuel it needs to survive. Therefore, I am trying to eat healthy every day and make a conscious effort to think about what I am putting into my body. While I try to make the healthy choices, I will not deny myself the things I love {just eat/drink in moderation}. My goal for the year is to eat more meals in (i.e. I cooked) than out (which is not always easy when you’re a CPA.. but I will make it work).
  5. Go on adventures – I love traveling and in 2017 I want to travel to 3 cities/places I have never been before! Whether it is a road trip with my hubby or girlfriends or a nice weekend getaway somewhere new, as long as I am out exploring and creating memories, that is good enough for me!

You may be wondering how some of these goals relate to making 2017 the year of so much good? Well, so much good can be whatever it means to you! Whether it’s donating money, time, making memories with loved ones or getting to be the best version of yourself, make this year the best yet! You never know who is watching you on your journey, and maybe you can inspire someone else to do SO MUCH GOOD!

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