I have always been one of those girls who loves to do their hair! I love curling, styling and so much more. This blog is to show off tutorials and videos that can help you learn easy, quick and fun ways to do your hair! Whether you have no idea where to start or just want to follow to keep up with the latest hair style trends, it is up to you! I hope you enjoy the posts and comment if you want to see something unique!

A little bit about myself… I was originally born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, but moved to Atlanta, Georgia about twoย and a half years ago. I have always loved styling my own hair. Growing up it would fascinate me to watch hair dressers style hair for weddings or events. Since then, I have always looked to find ways that I can replicate these hair styles. Whether it be simple curls or an extravagant up do, I am always trying to get the style just perfect. I have always been told that I have A LOT of hair, soย a lot of my tutorials will be around styling thick or long hair.

What can you expect to see on this blog?

  • Quick hair styles for the working woman
  • How to style your hair for the gym
  • Easy and sometimes not-so-easy up dos
  • No heat curling techniques



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